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Ajanta Caves

The Ajanta Caves are a group of 28 caves hewn from a crescent shaped , near vertical rock face, and which contain spectacular ancient art painting and sculptures. The first of these caves dates back to 200 BC while the later caves are dated to 250 AD.

Located in Maharashtra, about 30miles from Jalgaon town, the caves are situated in the forests of Sahyadri Hills, and were brought to light in 1819, after a passing British army contingent stumbled upon one of these caves, overgrown with vegetation, leading to the discovery of the other caves, some of them unfinished.

The attraction of the caves lies in the incredible detailed art work on the walls inside the caves as well as the Buddhist influenced architecture and construction of the caves. The first caves are infact thought to have been made by Buddhist monks who lived in this area. Each of the caves have unique features about them though some are unfinished.

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